A People's Historical Journey to Self Determination & Decolonization

The Ay Ay Islands, (f.k.a.) The Danish West Indies, (n.k.a.) Virgin Islands of the United States


“Virgin Islanders, a quiet and humble people should not be allowed to rule themselves for one hundred years and when so, should be done under white rule for there are militants among them."  Naval Governor Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle of the newly created Virgin Islands of the United States in 1922.

Virgin Islanders have not thoroughly exercised their rights as stipulated by the “Treaties & Resolutions” to accomplishing Self-Determination/Decolonization.  A group of “grass roots” Virgin Islanders have come together and created "A People's Historical Journey To Self-Determination & Decolonization” to go beyond the Centennial activities of 2017. This journey will explore the historical events that had significant impact on Self-Determination of the Virgin Islands prior to and after the transfer. Our goal is to bring an end to the 100 years of white government rule of the People of the Virgin Islands through and by the establishment of a Political Status and Constitution of the Virgin Islands by 2021.

Timeline of the Ay Ay Islands

Timeline of the Ay Ay Islands, f.k.a. The Danish West Indies, n.k.a. the Virgin Islands of the United States

Historic Timeline of the Caribbean: Amerindians to Present-Day (With a concentration on the history of the Virgin Islands in general and St. Croix in particular) Historic Timeline from CHANT

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Groups & Organizations

Per Ankh - Offers holistic, creative and innovative initiatives & RAevolutionary mission-visions of Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology and Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education (CHATS4LIFE)huemanity!

THE REAL VI SCOOP  The People of the Virgin Islands Want the TRUTH.  So If you have the 411 share it...

VI Youth Advocacy Coalition, Inc. (VIYAC) - Is a broad based coalition of organizations and individuals committed to increasing political and civic involvement and overall voter participation of Virgin Islanders, ages 14-30. VIYAC is youth led and dedicated to educating young voters who have not been full participants in the political processes, namely the electoral and legislative systems. VIYAC aims, through civic education, voter literacy, and leadership development training, to educate youth and young adults on how to identify issues, to influence public policy and how to become a more effective participant in the democratic governance of the Virgin Islands (U.S.).