A People's Historical Journey to Self Determination & Decolonization

The Ay Ay Islands, (f.k.a.) The Danish West Indies, (n.k.a.) Virgin Islands of the United States


Intro to A People's Historical Journey

People of the Virgin Islands! Do not sell your Land! Rent/Lease It!!!!

What tax formula was used to calculate your property taxes?

The ORIGINAL SURVEYS of the UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS, Register Nos. T3770, T3771, recorded at the Lieutenant Governor Office of the Virgin Islands St, Thomas and St. John Cadastral Office, as mandated by Title 43 United States Code 751, 752. My private property with rights protected under Treaty Series No. 629(39 Stat. 1706) as well as the public(persons) whom may purchase lands on the Virgin Islands, which by law requires a deed and a survey to show where the land is located. The Supreme Court of the United States deems an original survey to be unassailable through any court and the law requires an original survey to be the starting point for all subsequent surveys.


The Truth About Your Property Taxes - April 12, 2010 - St. John, V.I.

Taxpayer Questions to The Virgin Islands Tax Assessor's Office

Making a request for documents under the VIRGIN ISLANDS CODE § 881 Examination of PUBLIC (OPEN) RECORDS regarding the following:

1. Documentation regarding which type of tax my private property District taxes fell under; "direct" or "indirect," or other taxing category, naming the specific category.

2. Please provide certified documents showing St. Croix/St. John /St. Thomas District's legal and constitutional authority, including statutory law (positive law) to tax, directly or indirectly, my personal, private property, including on land and home, since it was being applied as neither direct nor indirect.

3. Please provide documentation of who the responsible party is who authorized said taxes, and their jurisdiction on this issue, to include signature and printing of that name on this document. There must be statutory law (positive law) that exists which allows this taxation, but it cannot be in conflict with the Constitution;

4. Please provide documentation on how I was being represented by the following taxes being assessed against my personal property:

Real Property Tax: Parcel #  Virgin Islands

5. Please provide documentation showing the method of assessment, the rules for assessment, the financial criteria used for this assessment, and copy of independent, certified appraisal of said property.

6. Please provide a complete record of all taxes paid by me on the property listed below, since the inheritance on November 1998, to include itemization of taxes for land, taxes for buildings on said land, or any other taxed item.

7. Please provide documentation of who actually signs/verifies/authenticates the assessments on real and personal property, and on any delinquency notices for unpaid taxes. An unsigned assessment is insufficient legal notice and a nullity, unless you can document and verify otherwise.

My right to not be taxed illegally or unconstitutionally stands firm in law, but this right appears to me to have been violated through forced private property taxation by The Districts of St. Croix/St. John /St. Thomas and the exercise of my right to not be illegally taxed can be "converted into a crime" for not paying these taxes.

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